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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Jan 25, 2018

CW: Suicide and Drug Use

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Susan J. E. Ritta, WHO IS AMAZING. We have made to the 1960’s! This episode is Goodbye Norma Jean, Season 5 Episode 18. 

Season 5 really went big on famous icons. Marilyn Monroe, played by a striking look-a-like, holds our gaze during this...

Jan 18, 2018

This week, Dawn and Rachel are joined this week by Russ Feder from the Mad About Mad About You podcast for a completely spoiler free discussion of The Last Jedi and a spoiler FULL discussion of Good Morning Peoria. 

Topics include how terrible Sam is at charades, whether The Twist was a song before it was a dance, and...

Jan 11, 2018

CW: Graphic Sexual Acts, Sexism/Assault, Mental Health

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by returning guest Eric Hiltner. Rachel talks with so much passion about the Crow film/tv franchise and Dawn covers notable and interesting? cover models for Playgirl. With Eric’s help, we finally put the great...

Jan 4, 2018

CW: Circuses, animal handling/mishandling talk

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Jim Harper. Rachel shares some of her dad stories, complete with a stroll down gifts of years past. Dawn also has the eye opening realization she is her mother when it comes to holiday decorating.

The main character of this episode,...