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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Aug 31, 2017

This week we have a guest, Helen Herbst LaStar from Falling In Love Montage. We discuss county fairs and how they are now appealing to our age demographic, rom-coms, Brooke Shields ability to play the same Blue Lagoon character in multiple instances, including this episode and strong shoe closet game from the...

Aug 28, 2017

Dawn and Rachel, with special guest Katie Redford, recap the first 16 episodes of the show, regarding Al's outfits.

Aug 24, 2017

Here we are. Sixteen episodes of this podcast and we're finally covering the series premiere. Surely all of our questions about the Quantum Leap project will be revealed, right? We'll finally understand The Lobby, The Imaging Chamber, and what gender pronoun to use for Ziggy? Right?

Dawn and Rachel also discuss pool...

Aug 17, 2017

In this episode we are joined by Jared Latore from Alcohollywood to discuss the Bermuda Triangle, several incorrect pronunciations of Carla Gugino, and the My Buddy / Kid Sister ads. 

Next week's episode is Season 1, Episode 1 "

Aug 3, 2017

In this episode Dawn and Rachel are joined by Christy Kilgore Hiltner to discuss sexism, dental care, sexism, a gay bull, a surprise twist ending, and more sexism.

Plus there is an adorable baby pig! And Road House comes up again.

Next week's episode is Season 4, Episode 16 "Ghost Ship"