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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Apr 7, 2018

We are joined by returning guest Russ Feder, of the Mad About Mad About You podcast.

CW this week for some discussion of suicide, as we have a SECOND episode featuring actor Charles Rocket playing a DIFFERENT CHARACTER than we saw him portray in Leap For Lisa.

This week's ep is quite possibly the new favorite version of A Christmas Carol for all of us, and hands down features one of the best Al outfits ever created.

Did you know that Dawn's grandpa, Red Grey, got to pick his own name? And Russ has an uncle Red Redd! What's everyone's favorite chromatic name? Let us know!

Let's hear everyone's elaborate explanations about how Sam drove across New York City via the Golden Gate Bridge! That's some pretty sloppy stock footage there, Quantum Leap.

Special shoutout to Charles Dickens, who shockingly didn't even get a story credit for this script. You'll make it one day, Charlie. Keep at it.

Next week’s episode is Season 2 Episode 20 Maybe Baby


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