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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Feb 15, 2018

CW: Alcoholism and Abuse

We are joined by Vanessa Riley, of the Square Roots podcast, who is definitely a bigger Quantum Leap fan than Ollie Brady.

This is our second episode featuring Beverly Hills 90210 alumni, but we don't have a music video this time around. It turns out we were pretty much all Team Brandon. Sorry Dylan.

We talk about Grease and the peace corps, and exactly how much clothing is removed in a typical "pantsing." Also, in the old age homes of the future, what nostalgia will take over every "theme" party our grandkids organize for us? Skrillix or Nirvana?

In what may possibly be the worst "celebrity cameo" we've seen to date, Sam teaches a young Michael Jackson how to moonwalk.

Next week's episode is Season 3, Spisode 16 Southern Comforts