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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Feb 1, 2018

No guest this week, and Dawn and Rachel discuss Honeymoon Express.
It's the premiere of season 2, and to celebrate we're treated what must surely be the snarkiest senate subcommittee budget hearing that has ever come to order.

Much discussion about how changing history should be giving Al even worse swiss cheese brain than Sam has. How does he remember both timelines?!?

Sam is unsurprisingly very prudish and moralistic about sex, and we get what may be our creepiest villain ever. There's a reason Dawn nicknames him "Psycho Bond"

As a companion to this episode of Quantum Leap, Dawn and Rachel both highly recommend Paul Reubens' character's death scene in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie)
(We promise, this will make sense after you listen)

Next week's episode is Season 4, Episode 7 "The Wrong Stuff"

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