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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Dec 21, 2017

CW: Sexual Assault, Rape Overtones and Presumed Abuse

This week Dawn and Rachel are joined by Ollie Brady of Best Acquaintances. We apologize to our United Kingdom and Ireland listeners, we bought Rachel a map. 

Ollie enlightens us on the science behind washing your face on television and we don’t buy Dillon as a biker, at all. Do you know your helmet and seatbelt laws? We learned them so you don’t have to. A central point of this episode is Jack Kerouac, which Becky has romanticized to the nth degree. We can’t blame her, each generation has that person. 

While the subjects covered are important, the white knight/savior complex causes concern with us during the middle the episode.  Also Ollie makes an astute observation that Kerouac is basically our generation’s Palahniuk.  We did like this episode a lot.

Next week join us for Season 2, Episode 19, Leaping Without A Net.


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