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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Dec 7, 2017

CW: Sexual Harassment, Misogyny and Abuse

This week Dawn and Rachel poke fun at each other’s coming of age grunge/goth phases. Rachel can’t believe Dawn hasn’t seen The Crow and we start off right by misquoting Miss Congeniality. 

We feminine gaze Sam, for not only his calves, but his ability to pull off an Oxford shirt.  Not to be outdone by Sam’s great legs and outfits, we still have Al cranking out all the sexism one episode can contain. We give credit to Sam for rightfully shooting down purity questions, all the while Rachel definitely has her strong positive feels on Cuanto Le Gusta, and Dawn discusses seedy muffler shop calendars.

Sam has a fair amount of white knight syndrome, but through the body of woman, which created some progressive scenes in this episode., including a final fight sequence that could have been so much better with one change. Oh, we spend some time learning the cost of film development and how some people will not even know what we’re talking about. Let us not forget the million eye rolls for Jerry Lee Lewis.

Next Week, we discuss Season 5, Episode 5 Killin’ Time.


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