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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Jun 29, 2017

Content warning: This episode deals with the topic of mental health. Some of the imagery is quite intense and is presented as horrific. 

In this episode Dawn, Rachel, and guest Woody discuss Shock Theater: the season 3 finale in which Sam leaps into an inmate of a sanitarium and the treatments cause him to believe he is actually some of the persons a normal viewer would have already seen him leap into.

Somehow in this setting we find a way to discuss the importance of unicorns, RuPaul Memes, and Arby’s curly fries. Also Dawn drives home the Back to the Future nods in this episode, we discuss Sam’s impressive curriculum vitae, and Rachel freestyle raps.

Check out Woody’s podcast: a minute-by-minute analysis of the film My Dinner With Andre at My Minute With Andre and his radio show AlmostTuesday online or on Rochester’s WAYO 104.3.

Next week’s episode is Season 3, Episode 20 “Heart of a Champion