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Beckett to the Future - A Quantum Leap Podcast

Jun 29, 2017

Content warning: This episode deals with the topic of mental health. Some of the imagery is quite intense and is presented as horrific. 

In this episode Dawn, Rachel, and guest Woody discuss Shock Theater: the season 3 finale in which Sam leaps into an inmate of a sanitarium and the treatments cause him to believe he is...

Jun 22, 2017

In this episode we welcome our very first guest: Ollie Brady from the Best Acquaintances podcast. Do check it out. It's a very lovely podcast. 

This episode marks another first: the first time we see Sam leap into a person of color. How did that go in 1990? Tune in to find out. 

Meanwhile Dawn and Rachel continue to...

Jun 15, 2017

Hey there listener, are you lonesome tonight? Don't go crying in the chapel. Join a few hard headed women for a little more conversation until it's time for you to go.

Yep, this is our first chronological episode in which Sam leaps into a famous person. Which, unfortunately, means this episode is far less concerned with...

Jun 8, 2017

Did Rachel and Dawn discover the working idea for the Titanic storyline? 

Why were there so many flowers?

The biggest question- could any of us afford to ride the Queen Mary?

We also learn that Rachel’s never heard of the Madonna Inn and that you can now tour the Queen Mary and even stay overnight if you’re in Long...

Jun 1, 2017

Dawn and Rachel make it rain and discuss at great lengths both Rainmaker movies. As usual, Rachel has not seen any movie Dawn mentions.  Rachel's obsession with The Music Man rears its ugly head.  All the ladies in this episode are thirsty AF, and not just because the town needs rain.  Also in this episode, violence...